January 17th – Trans Politics and Rest of the Left

In this conversation we will think about the place of the transgender rights movement among other leftist movements, considering how trans politics can both build on, as well as confound, what is usually intelligible as the political left.

Jake Pyne is a trans activist, researcher and PhD student in the School of Social Work, and the Gender Studies and Feminist Research Program, at McMaster University. His work over the past 15 years has focused on access to health and social services for trans communities and family law justice for trans parents. His more recent work has involved advocating for an end to “conversion” therapies for gender non conforming children in Ontario, and attempting to build supports for their families. Jake’s doctoral research focuses on this current generation of trans youth who are transitioning young, and asks how their futures have become thinkable in this time and place.

Doors open 4:00. Talk and discussion 4:30. Meal (vegetarian and gluten-free options) and light refreshments provided. Donation requested at the door.
RSVP: Ideasleftout@gmail.com for location

Please invite individuals. But please do not forward to lists.
Organized by: Ideas Left Out

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